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Welcome to My World of #BigGirlPanties Business Building for Women

Howdy! I am so glad you landed on this page! Trust me there is a reason why you are here and I hope to not disappoint you! 

So you may be wondering WHO I am and HOW can I help you. Am I right?

Well, as you have already guessed, my name is ReeJade but I prefer to be called Jade. I am an online business and legal strategist

I only work with six figure women entrepreneurs who are either ready to protect their business ASSets and or make their business profitable. 

I run an online business boutique called Search for Her Existence, LLC. We help six figure women entrepreneurs protect their business ASSets by helping them get legit and profitable. 

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Meet Search for Her Existence, Inc.

What is #BigGirlPanties?

Check out the

-Vernetta R. Freeney, founder of the Truth Confidant 

I have worked with ReeJade several times and I have always been pleased with her work. She has helped me turn my ideas into sound business strategies. She prepared incorporation documents and legal contracts for my business, which has improved my interactions with partners, clients and affiliates. She is professional, effective and efficient. I highly recommend her services.

-Marcelle Bryant, CEO
Marci B. Marketing, LLC.
ReeJade holds nothing back. She gives it to you uncut. I was feeling stuck and getting in my own way. ReeJade took the time to sit with me, hear my concerns and offer clear and direct actions to get me out of this “stuck” state. Also, she is an advocate for those that do the work and want to excel. If you are not rocking your #biggirlpanties I encourage you to talk to ReeJade. She will help you protect your assets and grow your business.
-Janet Beamer, CEO
The Executive Coordinator, LLC.
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ReeJade is a renaissance millennial that cuts through the B.S. and gets straight to the point.
Upon graduating from law school, ReeJade landed a job at a prestigious celebrity law firm in the Detroit-Metro area where she worked on many exciting projects. She had the pleasure of working on the U.S. Postal Stamp that preserved Rosa Parks’ Legacy, the intellectual property and estate matters for Aretha Franklin, and the continued preservation of Malcolm X’s and Alex Haley’s heirs legacy.She later decided to start her own company Search for Her Existence, Inc (formerly Search for Her Existence, LLC) to show women how to wear their #BigGirlPanties by getting legit and profitable.

ReeJade enjoys helping women protect their ASSets by trademarking, copyrighting, and patenting their babies. She also specializes in assisting with contracts and business entity formation. 

Are you wearing your #BigGirlPanties yet?