Your Life can be an EPIC story!

Do you have a story to tell? Of course you do! But you may not be ready to share it just yet because of doubt and the fear of being judged. Am I right? If so, no worries! You are not alone. Like you, I was afraid to be transparent and vulnerable. When I began sharing my truth I realized that I was able to finally grow personally. Now I am able to help other women through sharing my truth.

Our stories can help inspire, incite, and motivate others. The stories that we keep buried inside of ourselves has the potential to change the world. Most importantly, sharing our stories helps free us from past fears, failures, weakness, and any other inadequacies we feel we may have. We live in a generation where people want to know that you are “real”. People want to know what do you have in common with one another. People LOVE stories, whether it has a good or bad ending. They love them because it helps them connect on an emotional level. Often times hearing another person’s story or testimony is what sparks a fire within us because we say to ourselves “if she can do it, so can I!” AND that’s the whole point of sharing your story.

Now you may be wondering how can sharing your story be EPIC? Well, I am glad you asked. We all are put on this earth with a specific purpose. In our quest to discover our purpose we encounter many bumps, cracks, and detours in the road. Our EPIC story lies within the cracks of that detour.

Here is how you can create your EPIC story

  1. Embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly. This means accepting you made mistakes, knowing that what you did was wrong, and learning from them. This does not mean be a glutton for punishment and keep repeating the same vicious cycle.
  2. Enjoy the process. Understand that sharing your story is emotionally and mentally draining. It will challenge you because you may have to relive so of the worst times of your life.
  3. Be honest with yourself, then be honest with others. Acknowledge that you may have messed up in the past. That is OK! No one on this earth is perfect. Everyone just doesn’t get caught so that they dirty laundry can be aired. BUT we ALL have skeletons. The question is, do you want to air your own skeletons or do you want someone to air it for you? Once you make a decision to share your story then make sure you do it honestly and intentionally. Every time you share your truth, it should be with a specific purpose and when you share your story do not sugarcoat it. Tell it like it is!
  4. Be unapologetic. Share your truth without feeling ashamed. Be proud that you have survived the storm and you are able to live to tell about it.
  5. Get comfortable with sharing your truth. Start sharing your story with other people who is currently going through what you went through. You will find that you will discover a deeper healing for yourself in the process as well as helping someone else.

Do you have a story that is lying in a crack somewhere? If so we want to here from you! Drop your story below!

Mentorship is KEY

Hey girl!

I wanted to talk to you today about a topic that is very near and dear to my heart, “mentorship”. Growing up I did not have the ideal role model or mentor, so a lot of my current wisdom has came from knocking my head against the pavement at least a million times!

Early on, I recognized that I needed help. I needed someone to help navigate me through the jungle of life. I asked so many other women and the answer was always “NO” or they would send me an invoice for mentorship! I decided that I had to be my own “mentor”.  I had to HELP MYSELF. So, I put my big girl panties on. As a result of everything that I went through during my life, I wanted to prevent other women from hitting their heads against the parent. I now pay-it-forward. This is one of the main reason’s why I created Search for Her Existence, LLC and Leadership for Women.

During my creation process of becoming my idea mentor I looked to powerful women such as Oprah Winfrey, Marie Forleo, and First Lady Michelle Obama. In my head, they were my aunts! I studied what they read and I followed practically everything that they did. I began noticing success patterns that I soon began to adopt as my own.

Are you currently looking for a mentor? I have some tips to help you find the right mentor. Before when I was looking for a mentor I did not approach it with he right mindset. I don’t want you to have the same problem!

3 Ways to Find a Mentor

  1. Look to you inner circle. Do you have a family member that you admire ? You mom, grandma, aunt, or sister? It is always best to start right at home.
  2. Ask someone that you personally know. Do you have a boss or supervisor that you look up to? What about a member of your local church or community service organization? It’s a huge benefit to ask someone who knows you personally.
  3. Ask someone that you admire. Is there someone that admire that you do not know personally? If so , send them a correspondence requesting to meet with them. Once you are at the meeting explain you “why” you need need mentorship and “why” you think they would be a great mentor for you.

I wish I had this information when, I was looking for a mentor years ago. Mentorship is definitely a great resource to developing personal and professional development. Everyone should have a mentor, if they cannot become their own. It is the KEY to SUCCESS. No one can survive alone.

I have been blessed to be able to become my own mentor and now I currently mentoring other women. If you are interested in mentoring with Search for Her Existence, LLC , please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.


Get out of Survival Mode

Hey Girl!

Have you ever wondered why you wake up everyday? Are you motivated by your financial or family obligations? If you answered yes, then you my fellow #leadher are operating in survival mode. You are not truly living. Instead you are operating on autopilot, like a robot. Are you a robot or are you are woman who desires to wake up everyday uber-excited to live a life they were destined to have? If you answered yes, then I have an action plan just for you!

How to Get Out of Survival Mode 

  1. Identify what it is that is making you unhappy. You have to have an honest conversation with yourself here. You must understand “how” you have ended up here. Did you get careless with credit cards? Did an unexpected illness occur? Perhaps life through you a ton of curveballs? If so, you must ask yourself is it worth it? Are these things, people, or circumstances worth it? If you said, “no”, then excellent! You have to now remove these things. You may not be able to do it all at once but start small. A small victory is better than no victory.
  2. Identify your “why?” You have to identify what gets you excited about living. What is it that you really want to do with your life? There are no limits except the the ones you put on yourself!
  3. Dream and Think Big. Dream like you are back in the 1st grade with a wild imagination. Yes, my fellow #leadher, dream and think like a big kid! Get a pen, paper, or a journal and get to writing all your dreams and ideas out!
  4. Get a Mentor. You need a mentor that can guide you through your transition. It can be difficult doing it alone because you may feel alone or confused. A mentor will be able to help you map out your goals and encourage you to stay on course. Also a mentor should be someone you not only admire but someone who is actually living a life in a way that you desire.
  5. Connect with like-minded individuals. You need a support system. You need t be able to surround yourself around a group of individuals who are going through what you are going through or who have been through what you been through. You want people with real context. Otherwise, it will be like the blind leading the blind.
  6. Educate Yourself. You should make it a habit to learn something new everyday. A great starting point is learning how to improve on your weaknesses. For example, if you have bad credit and a lot of debt, which is why you work a lot then you might want to consider financial literary information. You can look into some free or low cost training seminars at your local chamber or commerce, ebooks, audible books, or hire a financial coach.
  7. Make yourself a priority. You have to remember to put YOU first. As women we often put ourselves on the backburner for other people and things. In order to live an epic life, you must make yourself a priority. Otherwise you wont really enjoy the fruits of your hard work because you are tired and burned out! Start by doing simple things as going shopping, lunch at your favorite restaurant, have a spa day, or whatever it is you like to do.

When you are operating in survival mode, you are limiting yourself to a lower quality of life. It does not matter what your current status, demographic, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation is. What matters is whether or not you want to remain in survival mode. In order to get out of survival mode you must be remain patient and truly believe that you are destined for greatness. You must also be willing to taking action. Just stating you are tired of being a robot is not enough!

I challenge you to stop being a survivalist. I challenge you today to go off script and not be a robot for once. Are you ready to accept?


Where are all our BLOG posts?!

Hey girl!

I have missed talking to you. I have received a ton of emails regarding our past blogs. Unfortunately our website was deleted by our hosting company. It was practically impossible to salvage anything.

As a result of this we have decided to start over NEW and FRESH! Here to new beginnings ! We have completely revamped our site and services to meet your needs!

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