Business …Boundaries…and FriendsΒ 

Hey girl hey !

It’s almost FRI-YAY! I’m currently at dialysis and wanted to talk to you about a common theme that I have been seeing lately for women in business .

You guessed it , we have an issue with setting business boundaries with our friends . I don’t know about you but I STRUGGLED with this when I first started my business . Even as a seasoned entrepreneur I still struggle with setting business boundaries with some of my friends .

Can you relate ? You know what I am talking about right ?

We love our friends and no one wants to disappoint their friends but when you are running a business you must set boundaries .

For example , some friends cannot differentiate between needing help with their business versus them needing to pay for your services . I would often spend my own resources and time to help a friend out . But in the end it would piss me off because I knew I was being taken advantage of. I was worried about preserving the friendship over preserving my own business . One day I woke up and realized that my friends did not value me . So what I do ? Stop giving my time and energy to people who don’t value me .

Now if a friend asks for help and it’s not going to inconvenience me then of course I don’t mind helping . But if I’m extending my time and resources then I need my coins . It’s that simple. You take care of your people .

Here is another example , I would answer phone calls (cellphone) and text messages at anytime from friends . This would often interrupt my schedule and peace of mind . So I stopped responding and answering these messages from my friends as it relates to business because I realized something “my time was not being respected “. Β I had to start instructing them to email me business matters and contact my assistant to get on my calendar .

In order to be successful and focused in your business you have to set boundaries with your friends . It’s uncomfortable to tell a friend NO but if they are not contributing to building your business, only “taking” then you have no time to waste. Set boundaries early in business so your friends know what to expect .



How do set business boundaries with your friends ?