2018 Must Read Business Books for Entrepreneurs

Hey sis!

We are officially into the New Year! *mama we’ve made it* We survived all kinds of foolery in 2017 BUT now we are here at last!

Nonetheless, let’s talk about business building and growth. I always get a ton of questions in my email or in the comment section of my posts asking about books to read in order to grow their business.


I decided to compile a list of must read books in 2018 for entrepreneurs . I have also decided to add a book series component to my #BigGirlPanties Business Support and Accountability Group. We will be going through all the books listed below. If you are tired of trying to make this business thing work and need support, resources, and guidance then join here. We are only working with an intimate group of women. Our focus is on quality women, not quantity. As such, each person who requests to join must answer three questions to ensure their is cohesiveness and alignment within our group.

But NOW on to the juicy stuff!

 2018  Must Read Business Books for Entrepreneurs 

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  1. [January 2018]  Why Now Is The Time To CRUSH IT! : Cash In On Your Passion 
  2. [February 2018] Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and How You Can Too
  3. [March 2018] Ask 
  4. [April 2018] Business Boutique
  5. [May 2018] Start with Why 
  6. [June 2018] The 48 Laws of Power
  7. [July 2018] Never Eat Alone 
  8. [August 2018] Triggers : Creating Behaviors That Lasts
  9. [September 2018] Girl Code Unlocking the Secrets to Success 
  10. [October 2018] Talk Like Ted : The 9 Public Speaking Secrets 
  11. [November 2018] Secrets of the Millionaire Mind : Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth 
  12. [December 2018] Book Yourself Solid

Cheers to Your Business Growth Sis!

Your Business and Legal Strategist,


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