3 Ways to Prevent Your Content from being Stolen

Hey sis!

I hope you have a pen and paper ready. I cannot tell you how many times I heard last year that “X stole my idea” and “Y copied my content”. Ladies we are in 2018 now. The key is to be smart enough to protect your assets, i.e. your content and ideas. We live in an information driven society where anything can be obtained with a click of a button. This is why it is so important to protect your intellectual property, i.e. your content, ideas, and assets.

So you may be wondering well how the heck do I protect my stuff? No worries sis! I got ya covered!

Here is the 3 ways you can prevent your ideas and content from being stolen:

  1. Stop talking. The most common mistake I see women making in business is that they run their mouths too much! You have to stop talking sis. You should not be sharing your business ideas with anyone casually if a Non-Disclosure (NDA) or Confidentiality agreement is not signed. You just have to be quiet sis until you get your signature. If someone is not willing to sign the agreement then keep your mouth closed sis and keep it moving.
  2. Stop sharing your content with the world. Another common mistake I see is that many of you will be operating a business for years and placing your creative business name or logo on products and services. AND guess what ? Someone else likes what you have they take a trip to the USPTO’s or Copyright website and hijacks your content. Sis, because you were too cheap or lazy to hire a professional to protect your content you got, GOT sis! You need to consider protecting your content legally before sharing with the world sis. Otherwise you might lose you legal rights to what you have been using for years. AND that would suck because you could be sued for infringement after you have been ROBBED!
  3. Stop being cheap. The biggest issue I see with protecting content is being too cheap! Your legal budget should be a priority in your business. A lot of you try to go the DIY route and when you discover that you filed your paperwork wrong, then you finally decide to hire a professional. This can become expensive and time consuming. Not to mention, you risk losing your rights to said content when filed wrong because it gives others the opportunity to claim it.

Sis, now you know better so it is my sincerest hope that you will do better. You can no longer complain about someone hijacking your ideas because now you know the 3 ways to prevent your ideas from being stolen.

So sis, tell me what are you going to do today to prevent your content from being stolen?

Please protect your ISH!

Your Business and Legal Strategist



*Author’s Note: The content contained in this post is not meant to create an attorney-client relationship. The information in this post is only to serve as educational purposes only. Should you need an attorney please look for a licensed attorney in the state in which you reside*

2017 Business Lessons

Hey sis!

We have officially entered into a new year! WHOO-HOO! *we started at the bottom now we here!*  2017 taught me a lot about myself and my business. I learned some valuable lessons that I am excited to implement in my life and in my business.

There are so many lessons that I have learned but I will give you the short version! Otherwise, you will be reading for years LOL!

Here are my 2017 Business Lessons:

  1. Use the word “NO” often. Earlier this year I committed to helping a friend out with an event. Scratch that….I committed to helping a mentor and woman whom I had admired tremendously. I said I would pass along sponsorship information and contacts for her event. Somehow there was a miscommunication. She was under the impression that I would be undertaking her sponsorship coordinator role. I should of said NO, when I realized that we were not on the same page. But, I felt bad and again I respected this person. I tried to see the positive in the situation which was that I would get the benefit of working with other women at her event and building new connections. Not to mention, I was not getting paid *inserts side-eye*.  Again, I felt bad and really believed in her vision so I agreed to a commission in addition to a flight and admission into the event. In short, this arrangement damaged our relationship and respect I initially had for this person. All of this could had been avoided if I had said NO. The lesson here is to say NO to things that does not serve your purpose. Even if it is coming from family. NO is a complete statement and you do not have to explain yourself to anyone. 
  2. Focus on YOU! Keep your head down and focus on you! We are in a time of social media where we can so easily get distracted from the course that we are on. I found myself several times during 2017 getting distracted and as a result I would discouraged. You have to focus on your own badassery and celebrate other women who are doing the damn thing too! The lesson here is to be confident in your gifts and talents and don’t try to dim your shine to blend in with others. DO YOU BOO!
  3. Quality over Quantity. This lesson really hit home for me last year. I always felt like I was doing something wrong in my business . I would see a lot of people enrolling hundreds or even thousands in their online webinars and immediately feel like a failure. Thoughts of self-doubt wold creep in. Then I had to ask myself honestly, “why do you want all these people registered for your webinars?” I thought from some odd reason that quantity meant business success. NOPE! The last quarter of 2017 I scaled the amount of businesswomen that I worked with. I also restructured my service offerings! It was the best thing I have ever done in my business. I now work with an intimate group of women. I am no longer burned out. I am able to charge more due to the exclusivity of my services. ANDDDDD the most important thing  to me is that I have an opportunity to build authentic and transparent relationships with these women. The lesson here is to focus on quality always. The numbers mean nothing if the value is missing. Plus your sanity is priceless. Do you really want to be bothered with thousands of people at a given time? UM, NO! I am an introvert and I would lose my mind with that many interactions.
  4. “F” Perfection. So I am embarrassed to say this because it is something that I rant about all over social media and even with my clients! I always say put your #BigGirlPanties on ; however, in this particular area of my business my panties were still sitting in the drawer! I had a ton of online courses I wanted to release in 2017, but they had to be absolutely PERFECT! I wanted the lighting and sound quality to be LIT! I wanted them to be professionally recorded. As a result of my perfection obsession I missed out on opportunities to generate sales and assist other women with building their businesses. The lesson here is to take risks and understand that NOTHING in your business is going to be perfect. When we allow PERFECTION to win it paralyzes our opportunity for us to operate at our highest vibration in all areas of outlives. 
  5. The Power of Relationships. This year I decided I needed someone to guide me with wisdom so that I can grow further in my business. Someone with a different perspective on business. I have been looking for a business mentor for years and had not had any luck finding one. But this year I met a woman at an interview we did together. She extended the invitation about 7 months prior to me reaching back out to her. To my surprise she said yes. We met and we knew instantly we would be a good fit. When I say this woman has showed up and showed out . She has. She has sent me resources and power connections to the heavy hitters here in Detroit, Michigan that could really open some doors for my business. The lesson here is to understand that your relationships should be powerful. We need relationships to grow personally and professionally. There is only so much we can do on our own. Make sure you are building key relationships. They can open doors for you that you don’t even have the keys to.

AND it’s a wrap sis! 2017 was the warm-up. 2018 is the GAME is ! You got your game face ready? I did not come to sit on a bench. I came to WIN!

So tell me sis, what business lessons did 2017 teach you ?

Wishing you kill the game in 2018!

Your Business and Legal Strategist,


2018 Must Read Business Books for Entrepreneurs

Hey sis!

We are officially into the New Year! *mama we’ve made it* We survived all kinds of foolery in 2017 BUT now we are here at last!

Nonetheless, let’s talk about business building and growth. I always get a ton of questions in my email or in the comment section of my posts asking about books to read in order to grow their business.


I decided to compile a list of must read books in 2018 for entrepreneurs . I have also decided to add a book series component to my #BigGirlPanties Business Support and Accountability Group. We will be going through all the books listed below. If you are tired of trying to make this business thing work and need support, resources, and guidance then join here. We are only working with an intimate group of women. Our focus is on quality women, not quantity. As such, each person who requests to join must answer three questions to ensure their is cohesiveness and alignment within our group.

But NOW on to the juicy stuff!

 2018  Must Read Business Books for Entrepreneurs 

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  1. [January 2018]  Why Now Is The Time To CRUSH IT! : Cash In On Your Passion 
  2. [February 2018] Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and How You Can Too
  3. [March 2018] Ask 
  4. [April 2018] Business Boutique
  5. [May 2018] Start with Why 
  6. [June 2018] The 48 Laws of Power
  7. [July 2018] Never Eat Alone 
  8. [August 2018] Triggers : Creating Behaviors That Lasts
  9. [September 2018] Girl Code Unlocking the Secrets to Success 
  10. [October 2018] Talk Like Ted : The 9 Public Speaking Secrets 
  11. [November 2018] Secrets of the Millionaire Mind : Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth 
  12. [December 2018] Book Yourself Solid

Cheers to Your Business Growth Sis!

Your Business and Legal Strategist,


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