3 Ways to Prevent Your Content from being Stolen

Hey sis!

I hope you have a pen and paper ready. I cannot tell you how many times I heard last year that “X stole my idea” and “Y copied my content”. Ladies we are in 2018 now. The key is to be smart enough to protect your assets, i.e. your content and ideas. We live in an information driven society where anything can be obtained with a click of a button. This is why it is so important to protect your intellectual property, i.e. your content, ideas, and assets.

So you may be wondering well how the heck do I protect my stuff? No worries sis! I got ya covered!

Here is the 3 ways you can prevent your ideas and content from being stolen:

  1. Stop talking. The most common mistake I see women making in business is that they run their mouths too much! You have to stop talking sis. You should not be sharing your business ideas with anyone casually if a Non-Disclosure (NDA) or Confidentiality agreement is not signed. You just have to be quiet sis until you get your signature. If someone is not willing to sign the agreement then keep your mouth closed sis and keep it moving.
  2. Stop sharing your content with the world. Another common mistake I see is that many of you will be operating a business for years and placing your creative business name or logo on products and services. AND guess what ? Someone else likes what you have they take a trip to the USPTO’s or Copyright website and hijacks your content. Sis, because you were too cheap or lazy to hire a professional to protect your content you got, GOT sis! You need to consider protecting your content legally before sharing with the world sis. Otherwise you might lose you legal rights to what you have been using for years. AND that would suck because you could be sued for infringement after you have been ROBBED!
  3. Stop being cheap. The biggest issue I see with protecting content is being too cheap! Your legal budget should be a priority in your business. A lot of you try to go the DIY route and when you discover that you filed your paperwork wrong, then you finally decide to hire a professional. This can become expensive and time consuming. Not to mention, you risk losing your rights to said content when filed wrong because it gives others the opportunity to claim it.

Sis, now you know better so it is my sincerest hope that you will do better. You can no longer complain about someone hijacking your ideas because now you know the 3 ways to prevent your ideas from being stolen.

So sis, tell me what are you going to do today to prevent your content from being stolen?

Please protect your ISH!

Your Business and Legal Strategist



*Author’s Note: The content contained in this post is not meant to create an attorney-client relationship. The information in this post is only to serve as educational purposes only. Should you need an attorney please look for a licensed attorney in the state in which you reside*

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