5 KEY Reasons Why Your Business is BUSTED


Hey lady!

I wanted to share some secrets with you on why your business is busted. Now, when I say busted I am not talking about how your brand looks. I am talking about you being able to achieve you business goals without having a panic attack. Well, you still may have a couple, but I hope this post will help relive some stress and get you some momentum finally in your business.

The 5 key reasons why your business is BUSTED is not an exhaustive list. The list is only key issues that I have found with my consulting clients over the past five years. These key issues seem to be a recurring for women in business.

  1. You are married to your business. Your business may be busted because you refuse to be flexible. You are married to the idea of how a business should be “polished, marketed, and branded”, when what you want is not in alignment with what you offer. Entrepreneurship is not perfect, and you have to accept the fact that when you are not getting the results you want that you have to reassess and modify to meet the demands of the industry you are in and the target audience you are attracting. I have been through this process several times. I have went as far as deleting my entire email list of thousands of women to rebuild to align my business with the desired clientele I wanted.
  2. You are TOO cheap. Now I am a fan of a good bargain; however, if you are always investing in free events and products how will your vision grow. If you are not willing to spend your own money on your own business, then why would someone else invest?
  3. You are not consistent. Many businesses do not grow for the lack of consistency. When you are not consistent your followers know when your are BSing them to make a quick buck. Building a business requires you to consistently show up for your business. That means show up even when you don’t have customers or clients. That means doing the work you may not enjoy doing in your business until you can outsource tasks. Remember consistency is QUEEN. You have to stop running your business like a hobby.
  4. You are not laser-focused. Too many distractions can impact your confidence in building your business. Understand that we all can win. Your gifts and talents and what you offer the world is completely unique. No one can ever effectively duplicate what you offer. Learn how to tune out the noise. Set a schedule daily where you set uninterrupted time to build and structure your business.
  5. You are lacking substance. Many of these woke up one day and decided that we hate our boss. But in order to be the boss you have to know how to be the boss. Many businesses are failing because they lack the proper training and or resources. You cannot effective coach people if you have never been coached before. You need some type of training or mentor. You can even educate yourself through reading and applying what you have learned.

Again, these are the 5 key reasons why most women business owners’ businesses are busted. Do any of these resonate with you? If not, please share with us some more reasons why your business is “busted”

2 thoughts on “5 KEY Reasons Why Your Business is BUSTED

    1. Hi Kim!

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, not being “laser-focused” is a key to why many business owners are stuck in their business. Unfortunately, we live in the “technology” age which makes everything so noisy. I have had to learn to take a step back and unplug often in order to center myself and focus. A way I have been able to accomplish this is by “time-blocking” and having set times where I work on my business, scroll through social media, social activities with friends, and time with family.


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