Hey girl! Imagine getting tools for your business shipped directly to your front door! We are pleased to announce that we will begin offering one of our first merchandising products in 2018: The #BigGirlPanties Box

What is the #BigGirlPanties Subscription Box

The #BigGirlPanties Box is a monthly business box for women entrepreneurs. The goal of the box is to provide women with tangible resources that can help elevate their business to the next level. Each month there is a different theme. There is no need to buy each month if you are not interested in the theme. You simply buy the box when you are interested in the particular resources in it. Each month we will limit to 150 orders. In addition, each box will have items from other small businesses that relate to the theme. 

What is included?

Each month there is a different theme. The business theme of the month will include 4 to 5 business tools. For example, the theme of the month could be Business Finance. The box would include items based on business finance such as a discount code for Quickbooks, Finance Calculator, Investment Tools, Business Tax Resources, etc. In addition to the theme, the box will include customized #BigGirlPanties Paraphernalia. Each box will have a handwritten note from the founder, ReeJade to the buyer on how they can elevate their business. 

BONUS: First 50 orders includes a 60 group masterclass.

How Much Is the Box?

$65 plus shipping and handling. 

Interested in partnering to get your product in the box? Email info@searchforherexistence.com 

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