How to Build An Automated Business

Hey sis!

Have you ever felt burned out by your business? Have you felt that you have been showing up consistently for your business but it isn’t showing up for you ? (*cough, cough*) Your bank account looks sad? Sis, the key to running a successful business is to work smarter not harder!

You have to stop being busy and not getting anywhere. No one goes into business for themselves with the vision of working nonstop! So why are you doing it? Sis, you have to learn to automate your business. Business automation will give you your peace of mind back and most importantly some time.

Are you ready to find out how to build an automated business? Alright, lets GO!

Business automation is a way to make your business work for you. It’s about setting-up systems and processes one-time. Then you allow the systems and processes to do the work.

Here is an example:

You visit my website and a pop-up box appears and asks you to sign-up for my email list. You insert your information. Movements later you receive an email that asks you to confirm your subscription. After the subscription has been confirmed you receive a welcome email from me with goodies.

Guess what sis? This is BUSINESS AUTOMATION. I created my Welcome Email in a advance so overtime someone subscribes I don’t have to do it, I let my email subscription service send the automated welcome message to everyone who subscribes to my email list. This saves you time because you don’t have to go through the hassle of personally emailing everyone manually when they subscribe to your email list. Β If you are interested in automated your email subscription I use MailChimp.

Sis, you need to start thinking of ways you can save time in your business so that you can direct your energy towards things that are geared towards business building.

Another Example:

You visit Suzzy’s Flower Shop Online. You click the shop tab and Suzzy’s products appear. You begin adding items to your cart and a pop-up appears asking you if you need help. You checkout and your receive an order confirmation. Next you receive an email with your shipping information . This BUSINESS AUTOMATION. This particular platform allows you to list your merchandise and your products. They essentially handle all the administrative aspects of the sale for you. A platform that offers you this is Shopify.

Sis, there are a ton of platforms Β out there that were created to make your business building easier. You just have to take the time to find the right tools for you!

So when you think of business automation start thinking about how can you make your daily business tasks easier. Also, look into turn-key platforms to assist you with building business systems and processes for automation.

Does that make sense? Let ya girl know!

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