ISSA Setup! Information OVERLOAD


Hey girl!

We live in a time of information OVERLOAD! A time where every product and service is suppose to be the next best thing SMOKING! If you are on my email list then you already know that I have spent thousands of dollars alone on business resources. Some worked and some were complete BULLSHIT.

Something had to give, because no one has time to be wasting money when you are on a MISSION, which is to be successful in your business.

Can I get a HELL Yeah?!

SO what am I talking about here? I am talking about YOU running to buy the next craved about product on the market. I am talking about YOU buying products and services based upon someone’s following and perceived notions of success. I am talking about YOU not using what you already have to get what you want.


We are in a age where everything is crowded by opinions. ย You have to learn to discern what YOU need and keep your eyes on the prize. When you are busy focusing on the next best thing out there it will be hard for you to focus on what YOU really need.

The distraction is REAL and ISSA setup to make you fail. You cannot be so focused on everyone else’s success that you forget about your mission, which is to build a successful brand.

So how do you build a brand without being set up for the OKEE DOK?

  1. You need to first determine what the hell you need in your business. Focus on 3 primary needs you need right now in your business.
  2. Once you determine your needs, you need to access the resources you already have. What books, products, and or courses have you already purchased? What can you find by asking the Google Gods? If you have the resources you need to address your current needs then GREAT! If not, then you need to add these resources to your business toolkit.
  3. Begin building in silence. Build your business away from focusing on what others are doing. Take time to “time-block” your goals and the amount of time you use on social media. For example, you may only set a schedule to check your social media on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays for 20 minutes each day. The rest of the time should be spent on building your business. When you focus on building your business you have no time to be focusing on someone else’s business.
  4. Do what WORKS for your business. I remember , in year 1 of my business I was afraid to curse. I was told cursing is unprofessional. So I would often write blogs and social media posts very robotically because I thought that was the way to do things. I decided to do my own thing and just be who I am 24/7 in my business. I believe in God, but depending upon the time of day you catch a couple of F-bombs. Does that mean my business will fail? HELL NO! 3 years later , I have a successful business and I curse. Hence, that is why some of you follow me, LOL ! Just kidding! In all seriousness, I wanted to build a brand on authenticity and being authentic means accepting the good and bad about me. So if cursing offends you then I am not the consultant or organization you should be following.

SIS, I just wanted you to know that if you follow these steps you will save a TON of MONEY and TIME! I wasted both during the first year of building my business because I felt like I had to keep up with the latest products and services out there. SIS, do not be like me! Just remember ISSA SETUP waiting for you to fail.

Get laser-focused on what you need and execute only on those needs. Once you meet your goals REPEAT and EXECUTE on your new goals!

I’m rooting for you!


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