Release & Let Go…….!

Happy Sunday !

There is something that I want to discuss that is dear and near to my heart. It is often hard to discuss it because it tends to hit a personal nerve.  I have noticed not only with myself but with those around me that we become stagnant in our personal lives and in our businesses because we do not know how to let go.

We do not know how to let go of past hurts.

We do not know how to let go of past disappointments.

We do not know how to let go of failed relationships. 

We do not know how to let go….

Release & Let Go…….!

When we hold on to these things we are actually allowing negative energy to linger around. This energy can impact all areas of your life from a mental, physical , emotional standpoint. AND unless you have completely figured out the the key to separating yourself from business then this will certainly impact your business.

When I held on to these things I felt like a heavy burden was on my shoulders. Like a dark cloud was hovering over me. I know this sounds extreme but its true. I felt I was trapped. If you know me personally, you know I am a fixer. I try to fix everyone and everything. Even if I did not do anything wrong, I will try to fix it. But this  behavior of mine was sending the message to others that it was okay to treat me any kind of way. As a result, I often held grudges that kept me paralyzed. This prevented me from growing personally and professionally. It also limited my value because I was often involved  personal and professional relationships that were one-sided.

I released and let go….!

At first the thought of doing such a thing gave me anxiety. I was so concerned about how others would feel about my decision to give them the “axe” that I forgot about ME.

I forgave those who hurt or disappointed me .

I decided to remove people and things from my life that served no purpose.

I learned to accept that there is a season for everything and nothing lasts forever. The only constant is yourself. 

I challenge you today to RELEASE and LET GO! The burden that you are currently feeling will be lifted. You will be able to operate with peace of mind and clarity after you release and let go. You will finally be able to function at your true potential.

Are you going to hold on? Or let go?

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