Hey lady! I am glad you found this page. I remember starting out in business years ago, I was so lost and confused I found myself asking for help from other women entrepreneurs but many of them were afraid to lend a helping hand due to FEAR. I decided early on that if I have information that can take someone else’s business to the next level, then I am more than happy to share. I believe there is enough knowledge in the world for us ALL to WIN. Me sharing resources with you, does not hurt my business by any means. Therefore, the information I have listed below is what I used to build a CONSISTENT, STABLE, CONSULTING BRAND for women. ENJOY!

Recommended Books for Business and Personal Development 

Website Hosting: Go Daddy 

Domain/Administration: G Suite 

Website Management/ Theme : WordPress / Current Theme : Calaway

Client Management (i.e. bookings) : BooklyVcita

Listing Building: Ontraport/ LeadPages

Email Marketing : MailChimp

DIY Design: Canva 

Video Conferencing : Zoom / Skype

Hosting Events: Eventbrite / Peatix

Product Sales: Gumroad 

Instagram Scheduler : Planoly

Social Media Scheduler (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn): Hootsuite 

Payment Solutions: PayPal /Square 

Save Your Coins: Digit 

Invest Your Coins: Stash 

Earn Some Coins Via:  Lyft 

Transportation Via Lyft : $5 on Me 😀 

Save time get your grocery listed delivered Via Shipt  : 

Earn money back from shopping at your favorite stores : $10 on Me Via Ibotta