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pinkheeliconHungry & Husltin’: How to Get from Point A to Point B in Life 

Life can be harsh. We see so many success stories on how people became successful. But what you don’t hear is the unedited..unfiltered..TRUTH on how a person got to where they are. Hear my story on how I got from point A to point B. Presentation will also include was you too can get from point A to B!

pinkheeliconLearn from the Past, Live in the Present, & Lead into the Future– 

Oftentimes we allow our past to dictate who we are and what we do. Learn how to let the past be the past and start creating the future you want today.

pinkheeliconFail Until You Succeed– 

We live in a time where failures are often ridiculed and punished. A NO MERCY mentality if you will. Failing opens up the opportunity for GROWTH and GREATNESS. Some of the GREATEST minds have failed countless times and they are some of the world’s most INFLUENTIAL leaders. Learn how to turn your failures into your GREATEST assets for success.

pinkheeliconI AM, WHO I AM– 

Discover WHO you are and WHERE you are going. Oftentimes we operate in robot mode. We have no clear plan. . . no direction, we just do because we have been conditioned to do so. But, what if you disrupt your normal day-to-day activities? What would your life look like? Would you be happier? Would you be living out your dreams? Would you be stress-free? Whatever it is, you will discover. 

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Is there a deposit or is payment made in full? There is a 50% deposit due at the time booking an engagement on the calendar. The remaining will be due the day of presentation.
  2. Does the speaking fee cover travel expenses? No. All speaking engagements that require out of state travel must be booked on a first class flight. All transportation logistics must be accounted for. Hotel accommodations to be paid in advance if the event is more than one day. If event requires the speaker to come a day before event, then hotel accommodations must be made upon booking flight. In state engagements (Michigan) require reimbursement for reasonable travel expenses.