The Invitation

We don’t need another event where we clique up.

We don’t need another event where it is a fashion show.

We don’t need another event with useless information that is never going to be used.

We don’t need another event passing on BS that does not get results.

  • Cultivate and build powerful relationships.
  • Provide support and accountability.
  • Provide a level of intimacy, authenticity, and transparency.
  • Engage in open dialogue surrounding real business challenges
  • Masterclass session with ReeJade Richmond and surprise #BigGirlPanties Guest.
  • Show you how to make your BUSINESS fun! Work and play is possible !

I am pleased to present to you “The Invitation” Retreat.

This event is intimate, clarity-centered, thought-provoking, and results driven. If you are looking for a safe space to gain clarity, solutions for your business, and meaningful relationships then “The Invitation” is the place to be. We are focused on quality women who are ready to finally wear their #BigGirlPanties and get results personally and professionally. The event is limited to only 14 women.  Apply early to ensure a chance of getting selected and securing a spot on this transformative event.


December 6-9, 2018. December 6 is time allotted to allow participants to fly in and make the event on December 7 on time. There is a chance of experiencing inclement weather conditions. The hotel room for all guests will be booked on December 6th. The actual event starts on December 7th.

Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel & Resort- Chicago, Illinois


A non-refundable application fee of $25 is required before being considered to attend the Invitation Retreat. If selected to participate, a non-refundable deposit of $150 for regular and early bird admission. For VIP Admission $300 non-refundable deposits is required. All deposits are due within 7 days of acceptance to secure a spot if not paying in full. Failure to submit payment timely will forfeit the chance to attend.

    • Early Bird Admission is $1297 USD [ENDS SEPTEMBER 1, 2018]
    • Regular Admission is $1597 USD [ENDS OCTOBER 1, 2018]
    • VIP Admission is $1997 USD [ENDS AUGUST 31, 2018]

December 7-8th Access to ReeJade Richmond and Guest Host for intimate group discussion on building a sustainable business. VIP ticket holders can get assistance with any specific business questions or concerns. A la carte snacks and wine will be provided. December 9th spend the morning with ReeJade getting business legit.


    • Event Ticket Access to Masterminds
    • VIP After Dark Conversations for VIP Ticket Holders
    • Hotel Room
    • 3 Day Brunch Accommodations
    • Access to Resort
    • Complimentary Wi-Fi
    • Spa Treatment
    • Branded Photoshoot-Video Shoot


First, you have to fill out our application. We want to respect the integrity of this space by ensuring like-minded individuals are apart of this exclusive and intimate event. If you are accepted a deposit is required within 7 business days of your acceptance. Failure to pay within the specified time will result in forfeiture of your spot.

Refund Policy : All sales are final. No refunds will be given.