Your Life can be an EPIC story!

Do you have a story to tell? Of course you do! But you may not be ready to share it just yet because of doubt and the fear of being judged. Am I right? If so, no worries! You are not alone. Like you, I was afraid to be transparent and vulnerable. When I began sharing my truth I realized that I was able to finally grow personally. Now I am able to help other women through sharing my truth.

Our stories can help inspire, incite, and motivate others. The stories that we keep buried inside of ourselves has the potential to change the world. Most importantly, sharing our stories helps free us from past fears, failures, weakness, and any other inadequacies we feel we may have. We live in a generation where people want to know that you are “real”. People want to know what do you have in common with one another. People LOVE stories, whether it has a good or bad ending. They love them because it helps them connect on an emotional level. Often times hearing another person’s story or testimony is what sparks a fire within us because we say to ourselves “if she can do it, so can I!” AND that’s the whole point of sharing your story.

Now you may be wondering how can sharing your story be EPIC? Well, I am glad you asked. We all are put on this earth with a specific purpose. In our quest to discover our purpose we encounter many bumps, cracks, and detours in the road. Our EPIC story lies within the cracks of that detour.

Here is how you can create your EPIC story

  1. Embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly. This means accepting you made mistakes, knowing that what you did was wrong, and learning from them. This does not mean be a glutton for punishment and keep repeating the same vicious cycle.
  2. Enjoy the process. Understand that sharing your story is emotionally and mentally draining. It will challenge you because you may have to relive so of the worst times of your life.
  3. Be honest with yourself, then be honest with others. Acknowledge that you may have messed up in the past. That is OK! No one on this earth is perfect. Everyone just doesn’t get caught so that they dirty laundry can be aired. BUT we ALL have skeletons. The question is, do you want to air your own skeletons or do you want someone to air it for you? Once you make a decision to share your story then make sure you do it honestly and intentionally. Every time you share your truth, it should be with a specific purpose and when you share your story do not sugarcoat it. Tell it like it is!
  4. Be unapologetic. Share your truth without feeling ashamed. Be proud that you have survived the storm and you are able to live to tell about it.
  5. Get comfortable with sharing your truth. Start sharing your story with other people who is currently going through what you went through. You will find that you will discover a deeper healing for yourself in the process as well as helping someone else.

Do you have a story that is lying in a crack somewhere? If so we want to here from you! Drop your story below!

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