Your DREAM must be BIGGER than YOU!

Hey girl hey!

I don’t know about you but I spent the majority of my life playing small ball. What I mean is, I lived a mediocre, low-key life. Until one day I realized that me playing small with my comfort zone was never going to help me realize my crazy dreams.

Yes, my dreams are crazy as hell. Sometimes my dreams scare the hell out of me that I have to go take a nap and process what the hell I am thinking. I even wake up in the middle of the night sweating because my dreams are so big that I don’t know where to start.

Guess what? When I finally got the nerve to jump in with the sharks and leave the gold fish behind my life began to take exponential leaps. I had a sense of peace and fulfillment. In my head I was screaming “Mama, I made it”!

But here is the thing with dreams. They do not come to fruition unless you work your ARSE off to bring them to fruition.

I cannot tell you how many times, I have had panic attacks because of my dreams. But every time I felt this discomfort and fear…I kept moving forward despite what I was feeling and as a result my expectations was exceeded exponentially.

Dreams cannot work alone. Without you taking active steps to bring your dream to life, it is just a vision.ย 

Furthermore, when you push your dreams aside and play down the magnitude of them you are actually diminishing your light, purpose, and alignment in this world. We are all placed on this Earth to do some amazing things. But you cannot do anything amazing if you are constantly swimming with the gold fish and playing it safe.

Your dreams must SCARE the hell out of you. If your dreams aren’t scaring the hell out of you I encourage you to take a step back and ask yourself honestly, “Is this it?”, “Is this what I really want to do?”, “Is this the type of mark I really want to leave for the next generation?”

We live in a time where traditional understandings are evolving. Things that were not possible a decade ago are possible now. We now have many women of many ethnicities that are millionaires and billionaires; many of which do not have a degree. This is just proof that if you have a dream that is bigger than you, you will accomplish it if you work for it.

I will leave you with this :

No matter what you have been told. No matter where you come from. You have the capacity to live a life that you dream about. The only obstacle standing in your way is, YOU!

Jump in with the sharks. You’ve got this!

Tell me, what dream you have that is scaring the hell out of you?


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